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Heat pumps – Freon / Water

Industrial heat pumps are a key technology for providing heating, cooling and hot water in industrial and commercial facilities.

Among the various variations of industrial heat pumps, Freon-Freon and Freon-Water systems are common. In this article, we will consider the features of each of these types of systems.

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Freon-air systems use the heat from freon to heat the air circulating in the room.

The main characteristics of this type of system are:

  • Efficiency: Freon-air systems provide high heat transfer efficiency due to the good thermal properties of Freon.
  • Application: They are often used for air conditioning in rooms where fast and uniform heating is required.
  • Modularity: Such systems can be easily scaled up and adapted to different conditions and facility requirements.


Freon-water systems use Freon as a refrigerant to transfer heat from a source (e.g. air) to water. As an example, the heat from refrigeration machines, such as hypermarket chillers, is used to heat water circulating in a heating circuit.

Features of this configuration:

  • Efficient use of water resources: Freon-water systems allow efficient use of water as a heat transfer medium, making them particularly useful for heating or cooling water in industrial processes.
  • Cost-effectiveness: They can be more cost-effective to operate than other systems because they use Freon for heat at high efficiency.
  • Such systems are widely used in industrial facilities where it is necessary to ensure optimal temperature conditions for water production or treatment processes.

Comparison of the two types of systems

Both types of systems, Freon-air and Freon-water, have their own unique advantages and applications. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the facility and the purpose of the application.

In general, Freon-air systems are typically used for indoor air conditioning, while Freon-water systems are used for heating or cooling water in industrial processes.

Both types of systems are efficient and reliable solutions for providing comfortable conditions and increasing production efficiency in industrial facilities.

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