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Heat pumps – Air / Water

Industrial heat pumps are efficient and environmentally sustainable systems for heating, cooling and maintaining comfortable conditions in industrial and commercial premises. There are a number of different combinations for industrial heat pumps, each type having its own characteristics and advantages. Our qualified specialists will help you find the best solution for your facility.

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Comparison of different heat pump system configurations

Each of the discussed industrial heat pump configurations has its own characteristics and advantages, and the choice between them depends on the specific requirements of the facility, its location and the availability of heat sources. The common features of all these systems are high efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability, making them an attractive choice for industrial and commercial facilities.

Water-to-water (water-to-water heat pump)

Water-to-water heat pumps use heat from one water source (e.g. groundwater) to heat or cool another water source that is circulated in a heating or air conditioning system.

Features of this type of system include:

  • High efficiency: The use of water as a coolant ensures a high level of system efficiency.
  • Stable operation: Water-to-water systems typically operate stably and reliably.
  • Suitable for spaces with high heating or cooling requirements: This type of heat pump is often used in large industrial buildings or facilities with a large floor space.

Air to water (air to water heat pump)

Air-to-water heat pumps use heat from the air to heat water, which is then circulated in a heating or air conditioning system. The COP of air-to-water systems depends on the ambient temperature, with the highest COP at temperatures between 0 and -5.

The main characteristics of this type of system:

  • Ease of installation: Air-to-water systems are usually easier to install and require less infrastructure than other types of heat pumps.
  • Cost-effectiveness: They are often more economical to use because they utilize heat from the surrounding air.
  • Suitable for a wide range of spaces: Air-to-water systems can be used in many different types of spaces, including residential homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

Water-to-air (hydronic heat pump)

Water-to-air heat pumps use heat from water to heat air, which is then circulated in a heating or air conditioning system.

Features of this type of system include:

  • High efficiency: They provide high efficiency because they use a stable water temperature as a heat source.
  • Environmental sustainability: The use of water as a heat source makes the system environmentally sustainable.
  • Suitable for properties with access to water: This type of heat pump is suitable for properties that are close to water sources such as lakes or rivers.

Air-to-air (air source heat pump)

Air-to-air heat pumps use heat from the air to heat or cool the air that circulates in a room.

The main characteristics of this type of system:

  • Easy installation and maintenance: Air-to-air systems are usually easy to install and require minimal maintenance.
  • Cost-effectiveness: They are among the most economical heat pumps to use.
  • Suitable for residential and commercial properties: This type of heat pump can be used for both heating and cooling in residential homes, offices, and other commercial properties.

Groundwater to water (water source heat pump)

Air-to-groundwater systems use heat from the groundwater to heat or cool rooms.

The main characteristics of this configuration:

  • Efficient use of underground resources: These systems utilize heat from groundwater, making them efficient and environmentally sustainable.
  • High reliability: Groundwater has a stable temperature, which ensures reliable operation of the system in all conditions.
  • Suitable for areas with access to groundwater: Groundwater systems are widely used in areas with a high water table.

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