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Vibrating conveyor washers

The principle of the device is a combination of several configurations, namely a washing chamber that rotates the product under water pressure and a vibrating rinsing line. The device is designed for washing fruits and vegetables.

Principle of operation of the vibrating washing conveyor

Products entering the machine are constantly rotated around the washing chamber and around themselves under the action of high-pressure water passing through the nozzles, and fall from the washing chamber onto the vibrating conveyor. The distance traveled by the products under high pressure in the washing chamber allows you to get excellent bacterial and hygienic washing results (the length of the device can be made to order, but for a quality result, the length should be about 10 meters). During the washing process, unwanted particles such as dirt and sand separated from the product in the washing chamber pass through the filter at the bottom of the chamber and enter the settling channel . Because the water here is still, they cannot mix back into the wash system and the exhaust valve is opened at regular intervals to allow them to leave the system. The channels at the upper limit of the water in the washing chamber are used to prevent insects, etc., from rising to the surface of the water. It is designed to automatically remove unwanted particles from the washing system. The waste water leaving the system is replaced by clean water coming from the flushing nozzles. In this way, the machine always works with clean water.

Vibrating conveyor system

Products coming from the washing chamber to the conveyor are washed with clean water, moving along the line with the effect of vibration, particles and excess water remaining on the product fall on the perforated sheet in the lower the part that occurs due to vibration. The peculiarity of the vibrating conveyor is that it does not turn, like some other conveyor machines with moving drums, which get dirty more and faster.

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