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Intensive cooling chambers

Almost all large enterprises that work with a large volume of products and their technological process requires a rapid temperature reduction need this type of cooling chamber. An intensive cooling chamber is a powerful refrigeration chamber in which the product is cooled very quickly by intensive blowing.

Камери інтенсивного охолодження

Features of the intensive cooling chamber

The intensive cooling chamber is designed for rapid passage of the critical temperature range, which helps to block the development of harmful microflora and, as a result, increases the shelf life of the product. The main task of such chambers is to reduce the temperature of the hot product from 70-80 to 6-8 °C, i.e. to the packing temperature. The design of intensive cooling chambers is a heat-insulated circuit in which cooling takes place with the help of high-intensity air flows.

Advantages of using an intensive cooling chamber

First of all, the installation of intensive cooling chambers at trade and food enterprises is beneficial for economic reasons, as they allow to reduce production costs and significantly improve the quality of their products. In addition, a number of other advantages can be highlighted, for example:

  • Reduce the heat load on storage chambers for finished products
  • The mass loss of the produced product is minimized
  • The product cools quickly and becomes ready for further packaging

Today, intensive cooling chambers are used for cooling meat, poultry, dairy products, confectionery, as well as products intended for further freezing.

The difference between intensively cooled cameras and traditional ones

The intensive cooling technology itself is innovative and allows not only to save money, but also to significantly improve the quality of products, as:

  • The product does not dry out, the outer shell does not wrinkle, the color of the product is preserved, and water loss is minimized
  • Rapid cooling stops the development of bacteria and prevents spoilage of the product, which increases the shelf life

Our company’s specialists will design and deliver intensive cooling chambers for any required temperature range. Our intensive cooling chambers are based on energy-saving technologies and are able to work in special modes when the temperature of the incoming product is within +90…+25 °C, and the temperature of the product at the exit will be +2…+4 °C.

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

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Intensive cooling chambers

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