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We offer a full range of equipment for processing cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry and other livestock.

Our company supplies, installs and maintains both individual machines and complete lines that provide all the necessary processes in meat processing, such as: washing, processing, cutting and portioning, mixing and forming, processing, cooling and freezing and packaging. 

Each function can be performed by stand-alone equipment or as part of a complete meat processing, production and packaging line.

Линии переработки мяса
убой и первичная обработка туш свиней-min

Slaughter and primary processing of livestock

The main purpose of the line is the pre-slaughter maintenance of livestock and poultry. This includes equipment for stunning, slaughtering, horizontal and vertical vats and poultry scalding (feather removal) lines, as well as conveying systems.

Our company offers a full range of special equipment for meat processing, from primary processing, shock freezing and storage chambers to processing and packaging of raw or finished products.

Skinning lines for meat processing

Skinning lines are available for different types of meat and can be supplied semi-automated or non-automated.

A conventional line involves a conveyor belt that moves the carcasses to a platform where the operator manually removes the skin.

A semi-automatic line involves equipment that, at the operator’s command, removes the skin by pulling it downwards from the top with hooks that are fixed by the operator before the process starts.

Забій та первинна обробка

Poultry cooling

There are several ways to cool carcasses after slaughter and/or heat treatment:

  • Bath cooling. This is the most common method in which carcasses are immersed in a bath of chilled water.
  • Air cooling chamber. The air temperature in the chamber is maintained at around 0° using refrigeration equipment.
  • Air-drop cooling. Poultry carcasses suspended on a conveyor are fed into the chamber, where they are irrigated with water from nozzles and blown with chilled air.

Gutting machines

Our company supplies gutting lines and automatic gutting machines, which reduces labour costs and improves quality. Gutting equipment can be either automatic or semi-automatic.

Automatic gutting equipment is usually considered for large production volumes. A gutting line consists of several machines, each of which performs a specific operation.

Additionally, carcass heating can be used for disinfection, to increase shelf life or for further processing

оборудование для потрошения птицы

Equipment for washing livestock carcasses

 Various chamber and pass-through shower devices and washing machines are used to wash animals and their carcasses during processing

Washing equipment can include both pre-slaughter washing chambers and machines for washing carcasses and meat before and after primary processing.

The washing equipment and processing line configuration is chosen according to your production process to maximise the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your business.

Carcass classification systems

Semi-automated and fully automated systems for weighing and classifying livestock carcasses are technological solutions designed to classify carcasses according to their quality and characteristics. 

This system can include various combinations of systems and technologies, such as weighing, scanning for flaws and classification, and volume scanning. For example, visualisation technology can analyse data using artificial intelligence to classify carcasses accurately and efficiently.

Industrial carcass cutting machines

Typically, carcasses are cut in half or in quarters, depending on the needs and production processes.

Carcass cutting equipment is available as manual, semi-automatic and automatic cutting machines.

The cutting machine is usually integrated into a post-slaughter meat processing line, or other primary processing processes.

Cooling and freezing lines

Our company offers a full range of solutions for cooling and freezing raw meat and semi-finished meat products. To select the type of equipment, we will take into account all your wishes and technological processes and offer the most optimal solution.

≫ The fluidized tunnel freezer / fluidized freezer
≫ Spiral freezers
≫ Cold plate freezer
≫ Shock freezing chambers
≫ Intensive cooling chambers

Plitochnyy skoromorozil'nyy apparat

Meat storage chambers

Our company specialises in providing efficient and innovative solutions for industrial refrigeration. 

Thanks to our own production and design department, we offer complete solutions for food storage and processing, adapted to the unique requirements of each enterprise.

≫ Refrigeration and freezing equipment

Defrosting chambers

The defrosting chamber allows you to defrost meat, fish and other food products in an optimal and highly economical way. This technology speeds up the defrosting process and minimises weight loss.

The principle of operation is to blow frozen products with a stream of steam-air mixture with a temperature that depends on the temperature on the surface and in the centre of the product, which has a positive effect on microbiological stability. The defrosting process is completed automatically when the set temperature in the product body is reached.

дефростация мяса
оборудование для обвалки мяса

Meat deboning machines

Deboning equipment is usually designed to accommodate the shape of specific types of meat and different joints. Deboning involves gripping the meat, separating it from the bones, and transferring the meat to the next processing step. 

The separated bones and collagen are usually processed in a separate operation and used to produce meat by-products such as animal feed and fertiliser, as well as mechanically reconstituted meat products.

Portioning machines for meat

Our company supplies a wide range of equipment for portioning fresh and frozen meat. Slicing systems can be supplied as manual, semi-automatic and fully automated.

The machines are designed to cut lightly frozen, fresh and cooked meat. These machines can provide different types of cutting: dicing, slicing, chopping, slicing and stripping.

инъекторы для мяса

Meat injectors

The meat injector is a very effective tool used to inject marinade and brine into the meat. Injectors are used for beef, pork, chicken and fish. During the operation of this equipment, the meat loaded into it is constantly moving. The brine is injected into the meat through special needles, the number of which can vary from model to model.

The presence of a large number of needles in this equipment ensures an even distribution of brine inside the processed product. Meat salting injectors can be used for both whole meat pieces and meat with bone.

Vacuum massagers for meat

The vacuum meat massager is used in large scale production facilities for the production of delicacies. The main purpose of such equipment is to marinate or salt fish and meat raw materials.

Special functions allow you to configure the machine for high-quality processing of pork, beef, fish, lamb and poultry. Due to its overall dimensions, the industrial meat massager is widely used for the manufacture of large volumes of products.

вакуумный массажер для мяса
оборудование для переработки мяса

Equipment for meat processing

We offer a wide range of equipment for processing raw meat into many different types of processed products, including ground meat, sausages, hams, bacon, corned beef, canned meat, cured meat, pates and sausages. 

Our company supplies both individual pieces of meat processing equipment and complete solutions, such as ready-to-eat production lines, which can consist of modular units or complete processing and packaging lines.

Equipment and chambers for meat heat treatment

Thermal chambers, ovens and cooking boilers are used for heat treatment of meat products – cooking, roasting, drying, smoking, cooling.

Smoking chambers are designed for hot smoking and cooking of all types of products, such as meat, poultry, fish and seafood, cheese, sausages, sausages. The chambers include both single-chamber chambers for small-scale production and multi-chamber chambers for industrial use.

термическая обработка мяса
дозировочная машина для мясопереработки

Dosing systems for meat and semi-finished products

Dosing machines are used for integration at various stages of the production line. They are needed to provide a complete solution that guarantees the correct weighing, separation and packaging of your raw product.

We offer high-tech, accurate and fast dosing solutions for both whole and portioned products, fresh or frozen meat.

Packaging lines for meat and semi-finished meat products

Ordering packaging equipment from BMSERVICE, our experts will offer you the most suitable equipment and configuration for your production.

≫ Thermoforming machine
≫ Traysillers
≫ Boxing machines
≫ Weighing and labelling machines
≫ Metal detector

Линия упаковки мяса и рыбы

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

Domino’s Pizza

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REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR FORNETTI Refrigeration equipment for the Fornetti production  ✓ Installation of a shock freezing chamber ✓ Manufacturing and installation of a refrigeration station based on...

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