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Our engineers carry out work taking into account the technical requirements and wishes of the client. We comply with the rules and regulations of the equipment manufacturer. We are ready to take on projects of any complexity, thanks to our extensive experience and highly qualified staff.

A properly designed refrigeration system has the following advantages:

≫ It allows you to select the right equipment and optimize operating costs.
≫ Ensures stable and reliable operation of refrigeration equipment.
≫ Helps to increase equipment uptime and reduce the risk of equipment failure.

The process of designing and installing refrigeration equipment consists of several stages, including:

≫ Study of the technical specifications. Our experts carefully study the requirements and specifications of the client and equipment manufacturers to create a suitable project. Our team of specialists calculates and selects refrigeration equipment according to the customer’s requirements.
≫ Engineering and installation works. We carry out the necessary installation work in accordance with the planned project.

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

Domino’s Pizza

REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR DOMINO'S PIZZA Refrigeration equipment for the Domino's Pizza production complex ✓ Supply and installation of a Profroid refrigeration station (France) ✓ Installation of chambers:...


REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR FORNETTI Refrigeration equipment for the Fornetti production  ✓ Installation of a shock freezing chamber ✓ Manufacturing and installation of a refrigeration station based on...

Design of refrigeration systems

We offer a full range of services, from equipment design to maintenance.

Our clients can use the following services:
≫ Selection of equipment according to the characteristics of their enterprise and budget.
≫ Supply of equipment.
≫ Installation of refrigeration equipment.
≫ Commissioning works.

We provide the following services for industrial refrigeration:

≫ Design and visualization
≫ Production of individual units of refrigeration equipment
≫ Automation and development of systems for modern monitoring of refrigeration plants
≫ Service and maintenance of objects
≫ Installation and commissioning works
≫ Complex providing of equipment
≫ Utilization and recovery of heat

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    The design of storage chambers and refrigeration systems plays an important role in ensuring optimal conditions for food storage. Properly designed chambers not only ensure freshness, but also extend the shelf life of products, which is critical for the food industry. Efficient refrigeration systems help to ensure a stable temperature and humidity, which helps to prevent food decomposition. The design process must take into account product-specific requirements, as well as economic and energy-efficient aspects for optimal system performance.

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    Designing storage rooms and refrigeration systems

    Low- and medium-temperature refrigerators are widely used in the food industry. This type of equipment is installed in meat processing plants, food factories, and confectioneries. The design of refrigeration and freezing systems consists of several stages and takes much more time than buying a regular refrigerator. Special refrigeration systems are one of the key elements in process production that helps to solve such issues:

    • Compliance with food safety of products. This is important not only for factories and plants, but also for stores that sell goods. Therefore, refrigeration equipment must meet technical requirements and standards.
    • Savings on enterprise logistics. Thanks to the refrigeration system, you can increase the storage capacity and maintain a competitive price.
    • Increase in capacity. Freezing warehouses help to increase the production of goods and significantly expand the catalog of offers for customers. Thanks to cooling systems, product quality is maintained.

    BMSERVICE is a market leader in the design and installation of various types of refrigeration equipment since 2009. The range of services includes not only the design of refrigeration systems, but also the implementation of a turnkey project. This includes equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, service and warranty maintenance of refrigeration systems of any complexity.

    Design of warehouses and refrigeration systems

    BMSERVICE specialists work according to European standards, so the equipment is manufactured in accordance with HACCP technological standards. Freezing and refrigeration systems operate efficiently and smoothly, providing the necessary capacity for a successful business. The company cares about the opinion of its customers, which is why all refrigeration units are designed in accordance with customer requests. Thanks to the proper selection of refrigeration systems, energy costs are reduced, which is especially important in this period of time.

    Our experts will always help you choose the best option and offer the latest engineering solutions for any business. When designing refrigeration systems, we take into account the possible expansion and modernization of your project. Thanks to the qualified engineers of the project department, the BMSERVICE team designs your project in accordance with modern requirements and optimal use of space and energy costs. Modernization and automation with regular maintenance of refrigeration systems will help to maintain the equipment in good technical condition and significantly increase the service life of refrigeration equipment.

    Purpose of the chamber

    Cooling/freezing and storage of chilled or frozen products. This will significantly affect the capacity and size of the equipment.
    Often, customers do not take into account the additional space that will be required if the volume of goods increases. Therefore, our specialists will immediately offer a higher capacity of refrigeration equipment with the possibility of expanding the refrigerated warehouse later, if such an increase is in the manufacturer’s plans.

    Cargo turnover

    This term includes all the goods that are shipped or loaded into chambers and warehouses during a specific period of time. And with the obligatory consideration of the initial temperature of the product. Without taking this indicator into account, it is impossible to carry out high-quality design of warehouses and industrial refrigeration systems.

    Dimensions of warehouses and chambers

    Thanks to competent design, specialists will be able to fit the chamber into the existing dimensions of the room, or design a storage facility with optimal logistics paths and maximum product content per unit area.

    Options for loading products into the warehouse

    If the equipment is to be used in the food industry at a factory or plant, it is important to use an automated method. In the trade sector, the manual option of loading goods is popular.
    When designing warehouses and refrigeration systems, our team takes into account all the details to create high-quality and reliable refrigeration systems that will meet modern technical requirements and HACCP. BMSERVICE guarantees high-quality turnkey project implementation, with warranty and after-sales service.

    Stages of designing warehouses and refrigeration systems

    BMSERVICE is engaged in the design and installation of refrigeration and freezing systems for various types of businesses, taking into account all the nuances of work. The company uses an individual approach to each client. For high-quality installation of refrigeration equipment, BMSERVICE takes into account several factors:

    Study and analysis of the terms of reference

    At first, our specialists get acquainted with the client’s request – for what technological process the chamber is needed, it can be a finished goods warehouse, a shock freezing line, or cooling of the production hall. The specialists study all the elements of the task in detail to offer the customer a refrigerated warehouse project that will meet all their requirements. At this stage, the features of the new or existing premises are taken into account, and the best type of refrigeration equipment is selected.

    Site visit for inspection and measurements

    A visit to the facility for inspection and measurements to select the optimal solution. After visiting the site, our specialists begin to develop a project according to your wishes, taking into account the parameters of the premises and the goals of your project.

    Installation and commissioning works

    All installation work is carried out by qualified, experienced teams.

    The company has an extensive service department, which allows us to provide timely service at any time. BMSERVICE also specializes in fulfilling non-standard orders. Thanks to its own production and many years of experience, the company successfully implements interesting and complex turnkey projects. Completed orders can be found on our website. All calculations and selection of refrigeration equipment are carried out by the team of specialists taking into account all the needs of the client.