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Shock freezing of berries

Our company specializes in providing efficient and innovative solutions for cooling and blast freezing of berries and other food products.

We offer a full range of blast freezing solutions for berries:

≫ The fluidized tunnel freezer / fluidized freezer
≫ Shock freezing chambers
≫ Spiral freezers
≫ Acoustic shock freezing

Шоковая заморозка ягоды - Промышленное и коммерческое оборудование

Equipment for shock freezing of berries

Shock freezing is based on the principle of rapid and uniform reduction of the product temperature to very low values, which prevents the formation of large ice crystals inside the product cells. This process ensures the preservation of the structure and texture of the product, minimizes moisture loss and allows to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients. Our company offers all types of refrigeration equipment using the environmentally friendly CO₂ refrigerant. These systems provide significant energy savings, in some cases achieving a 25-40% reduction in energy consumption.

Tunnel-type fluidization machines

Fluidization shock freezing uses the principle of fluidization – a process in which the berries are kept in a suspended state, providing a strong flow of cold air inside the tunnel. Fluidization allows product particles to remain separate and mobile within the flow. The method is based on the fact that inside the tunnel of shock freezing there is a conveyor with a perforated belt, from below, through it, cold air is supplied under pressure, this ensures the mobility of the berry, ensuring the production of separated berries after freezing and prevents it from sticking to the conveyor belt. This method usually requires less energy than some other freezing methods, making it more economical.

Shock freeze cameras

The shock freezing chamber is a special equipment used for the shock freezing process of berries and other food products. This chamber provides controlled freezing conditions to quickly and efficiently freeze products, minimizing the formation of large ice crystals and maintaining product quality. The chamber is equipped with high-quality insulation, which prevents the penetration of heat from the outside and ensures stable freezing conditions. The ventilation system ensures uniform distribution of cold air inside the chamber, which is important for uniform freezing of all parts of the product. Some cameras can be equipped with a humidity control system, which is important to prevent the formation of frost and preserve the humidity of the product.

Spiral shock freezing conveyors

The spiral shock freezing conveyor is an efficient and easy-to-use equipment that combines the advantages of a conveyor and shock freezing technology. This type of conveyor is designed for fast and uniform freezing of products, ensuring high productivity and maintaining quality. The conveyor is equipped with a spiral belt or cylindrical structure that moves the products along a spiral through the freezing zone. Spiral conveyors often have several levels, which allows efficient use of space and ensures uniform freezing of products on all levels. The speed of the conveyor can be adjusted, which allows you to adjust the freezing time depending on the type of product and production requirements. Modern models are equipped with automated control systems that ensure accurate adherence to freezing parameters and can be integrated into production lines for the processing of berries and other products.

AEF Acoustic Freeze

Acoustic freezing, also known as ultrasonic freezing, is not a common method for freezing berries because the technology is relatively new and still not well known. It is worth noting that the use of acoustic waves has a number of significant advantages when freezing berries, because it is acoustic freezing that allows you to freeze many products that contain a large amount of water with the highest quality, such as strawberries. The principle of acoustic freezing is based on the use of ultrasonic waves to create water oscillations in the cells of the product. This method effectively reduces the formation of large ice crystals, which can be useful for preserving the structure and quality of berries. Advantages of acoustic freezing include more uniform freezing, preservation of product taste and texture, and a more energy-efficient process compared to some traditional methods.

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

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