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Paddle washing machines

Paddle washers are bathtubs inside which there are blades, the rotation of which delicately mixes the products and washes away surface contamination. To improve the quality of cleaning from adhering dirt, water with air bubbles can be supplied to the tank under pressure.

Shovel washer

Usually, the primary washing of root crops is carried out in bladed washing machines, which are mesh baths. A shaft with blades rotates inside. The blades are arranged in such a way that they form a helical line. From the loading tray, root crops or potatoes fall into the first compartment. A shaft with blades mixes the product in the water and transports it to the second compartment. In the second compartment, due to the friction of root crops against each other and the shovel, the soil is separated. Foreign impurities (earth, stones, etc.) fall through the holes into the tray under the drum, from where they are periodically removed. At the exit from the machine, the processed raw materials are rinsed with clean water from the shower device. The main disadvantage of these machines is the possibility of mechanical damage to the raw material by the blades.

Shovel washer with destoner

The device is intended for washing root crops (carrots, parsley, parsnips, potatoes, beets, etc.). In the line, it is in front of the brush cleaner and the steam cleaner. Vegetables are fed to the loading slope, from where they fall by gravity into the drum of the device. Stones remain in the drum, which then go into the gutter. The washing product enters the semi-circular chute, where it is washed and transported by paddles to unloading. Contamination (sand and other non-floating elements) settles to the bottom of the container and is removed from there by a chain scraper conveyor.

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

Domino’s Pizza

REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR DOMINO'S PIZZA Refrigeration equipment for the Domino's Pizza production complex ✓ Supply and installation of a Profroid refrigeration station (France) ✓ Installation of chambers:...


REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR FORNETTI Refrigeration equipment for the Fornetti production  ✓ Installation of a shock freezing chamber ✓ Manufacturing and installation of a refrigeration station based on...

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