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The choice of equipment type depends on production volumes, requirements for drying quality and characteristics, as well as the production process. BMSERVICE provides all kinds of solutions in the field of berry drying, taking into account the needs of customers and ensuring high process efficiency.

Equipment for berry drying:

≫ Air dryers
≫ Vacuum dryers
≫ Microwave dryers
≫ Infrared dryers

Оборудование для сушки ягоды

Air dryers

Air dryers operate on the basis of air circulation and controlled temperature. The advantages of air dryers are their simplicity and versatility. This type of dryer is suitable for processing large volumes of berries and ensures even drying.

Advantages of air drying:

High performance suitable for large volumes of raw materials.
Even drying thanks to efficient air circulation.
Low drying temperatures preserve product quality and flavor.

The use of an air drying chamber:

Drying berries, fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat and other products in the food industry.

Vacuum dryers (sublimation):

Freeze dryers create a vacuum space that reduces pressure and speeds up the drying process. The advantage of vacuum dryers is their ability to retain more vitamins and flavors because the process takes place at a lower temperature.

Advantages of vacuum (freeze-drying):

Preserves more nutrients and flavor.
Fast drying process at low temperatures.

The use of freeze-drying:

Drying of fruits and berries in the production of snacks and confectionery.
Drying of medicinal herbs, berries and plants in the pharmaceutical industry.

Microwave dryers:

Microwave dryers use electromagnetic waves to heat the water inside the berry, causing it to evaporate. This method ensures fast and even drying, minimizing nutrient loss and preserving the bright color of the berry.

Advantages of microwave drying:

Fast and efficient drying process due to microwave radiation.
Preservation of product color and texture.

The use of microwave equipment:

Drying of fruits, berries, nuts and grains in the production of breakfast cereals and cereals.
Drying of agricultural products and medicinal herbs.

Infrared dryers:

Infrared dryers use infrared radiation to heat the berry. This method ensures even drying and is an effective way to preserve color and flavor. Infrared dryers are suitable for processing small batches of berries.

Advantages of infrared drying:

Uniform drying without overheating.
Effective preservation of flavor and color.

The use of infrared cameras for drying:

Drying of fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs in the restaurant and industrial business.

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

Domino’s Pizza

REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR DOMINO'S PIZZA Refrigeration equipment for the Domino's Pizza production complex ✓ Supply and installation of a Profroid refrigeration station (France) ✓ Installation of chambers:...


REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR FORNETTI Refrigeration equipment for the Fornetti production  ✓ Installation of a shock freezing chamber ✓ Manufacturing and installation of a refrigeration station based on...

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