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Cooling berries for transportation and storage

Various methods are used to cool berries, including hydro cooling, air cooling, and vacuum cooling. The choice of a specific cooling method depends on the type of berry, production volume, quality requirements, and other factors. Each method has its own advantages and can be effective in different conditions.

We offer a full range of solutions for berry cooling:

≫ Hydraulic coolers (water cooling)
≫ Air cooling
≫ Vacuum cooling


Equipment for cooling berries

Our company offers all types of refrigeration equipment on an environmentally friendly refrigerant CO₂. These systems provide significant energy savings, in some cases achieving a 25-40% reduction in energy consumption.


A hydrocooler (or hydrocooler) is specialized equipment designed to cool products such as berries using water. This process is part of hydrocooling technology, where the berries are immersed in water to quickly and efficiently reduce their temperature. Hydrocoolers are more often used after harvesting for quick cooling of the berry, for the purpose of further transportation or processing of the berry. The main advantage of the hydrocooler is the absence of fruit drying, which makes it an ideal solution for cooling berries both after harvesting and for use in berry processing lines.

Chamber of air cooling of berries

A berry air-cooling chamber is a specialized room or stand-alone chamber in the form of a container where air cooling is used to reduce the temperature of the berries. This process allows you to quickly and efficiently cool the product, preserving its freshness and quality. The chamber is equipped with insulated walls to minimize heat transfer from the outside and ensure stable cooling conditions inside, and the chamber is equipped with a ventilation system that creates cold air flows inside. Air cooling chambers are widely used in the industry for processing berries such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and others, ensuring fast and high-quality cooling of the product.

Vacuum cooling

Vacuum cooling is a method of rapidly cooling products, including berries, using a vacuum to create low-pressure conditions. This process allows for efficient and uniform cooling of the product, preventing moisture loss and maintaining quality and freshness. Advantages of vacuum cooling for berries:

  • Cooling speed: The process is very fast, which allows you to preserve the freshness and vitamins of the berries (cooling lasts up to 30 minutes maximum).
  • Even cooling: Vacuum cooling ensures even temperature distribution over the entire surface of the berries, preventing overheating and ensuring even cooling.
  • Preserving quality: Because vacuum cooling is fast, it preserves the texture, color, taste and nutrients of the berries.
  • Minimum moisture loss: Thanks to rapid cooling, it is possible to minimize moisture loss, which is especially important for berries that are sensitive to moisture loss.
  • Increasing the shelf life: This method helps to increase the shelf life of berries by preventing the growth of bacteria and degradation of the product.

Vacuum cooling is widely used in industry, especially in the processing of fruits and vegetables, including berries, where quick and efficient freezing of the product is important.

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

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