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Acoustic drying (Ultrasonic)

Ultrasonic drying is a method to dehydrate a product by means of intense ultrasonic impact. It is a cyclical method to remove moisture.

Use of ultrasonic drying equipment

Acoustic drying has been successfully used in agriculture, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. In agriculture, grain crops, vegetables and fruits are processed with the help of acoustic drying. In the food industry, acoustic drying is used in the production of dry milk. Ultrasonic drying is most widely used in pharmaceuticals.

Features of acoustic drying

Acoustic drying has a number of advantages: the product is not subjected to heat treatment, it is processed in a cold form; due to the absence of temperature effects, the product retains almost all nutrients and vitamins, does not lose its original properties, does not undergo oxidation. Acoustic drying is the best processing method for heat-sensitive products . Thanks to ultrasonic drying, the structure of the product is completely preserved without losing its original shape. Acoustic drying is a high-speed processing method. Compared to vacuum drying, acoustic reduces the processing time by about four times.

Acoustic drying technology

The dried product must have a capillary-porous structure. Different products have different moisture content, so the intensity and number of ultrasonic waves are calculated according to the percentage of moisture in the product. as a result, moisture is literally “shaken” out of the product. This is because the wave appears at the surface of the product and at the same time inside the capillaries, leading to intensive loss of moisture. If the capillary-porous product has moderate moisture, acoustic vibrations occur more intensively in the first stage and less intensively in the second. During the first stage, the drying speed does not change, so moisture is constantly replenished. The upper layers of the product lose it, and the lower layers release moisture to the surface. Thus, the moisture exchange does not stop until the optimal moisture content is reached. During the second stage, the drying speed decreases, so the liquid from the inside is weak and its decline is already not replenished or replenished, but weakly. Acoustic drying is most effective during the first stage of product processing. Thanks to it, the physico-chemical and consumer properties of the product improve.

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