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Blanchers (heat treatment of berries)

In the food industry, blanching, or heat treatment, is an integral step in berry processing. This process plays an important role in preparing raw materials for further processing and packaging.

Blanching is a short thermal disinfection of the product. In the case of berries, this process helps to destroy cell structures, eliminate unwanted microorganisms and activate enzymes, which facilitates further processing.

Бланшировщики (Термообработка ягоды)

Equipment for blanching berries:

Private thermostats provide precise control of temperature and processing time. This is important in order to achieve the desired effect without wasting vitamins and texture of the berries. By building automatic machines that reduce manual work and increase process efficiency.

Blanching process:


  • Blanching is the heat treatment of products at high temperatures and short-term stretching, with additional cold. For berries, this process is important for the destruction of cellular structures, inactivation of enzymes and non-contamination.

Equipment for blanching berries:


  • Blanchers – Blanchers often give precise control over the blanching process. They eliminate unnecessary temperature and time parameters to preserve the number of berries.
  • Cooling –The fresh berries are chilled to add warmth and maintain their structure.

Vikoristannya obladnannya for blanchuvannya:


  • Preparation before freezing – Blanch the color of the greens, brush and texture the berries before freezing.
  • Extension of shelf life – The process of unplanned extension of the shelf life of berries.
  • Reserves of useful substances – precise control over the supply of vitamins and minerals in products.

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