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Calibration and sorting lines for frozen vegetables, fruits and berries

The lines are designed for sorting and calibration of frozen vegetables, fruits and berries. The lines provide sorting of products by weight, quantity, size for further delivery to the packaging unit. 

≫ Rotary calibrator

≫ Vibrating calibrator

≫ Belt calibrator

≫ Optical sorter

Rotary calibrator for frozen vegetables, fruits and berries

Depending on the type of drum, the rotary calibrator is used for sorting frozen fruits, vegetables and berries by diameter. It can also be used for fresh or frozen mushrooms, such as champignons. 

The drum and the design of the calibrator are selected according to the product and the process.

The perforation diameter of the drum depends on the size of the product that is being sorted. The perforations can be different sizes, depending on customer requirements. The drum rotation speed and angle can be adjusted according to current needs.

Vibrating calibrator for fruit and vegetables

The Vibrating Calibrator is designed for sorting mushrooms, vegetables and fruits into fractions. The calibration size is adjusted by setting variable sieve levels with appropriately selected perforations.

The Vibrating Calibrator is designed for calibration of round products. For maximum performance, the calibrator should be loaded evenly across the entire width.

The vibration calibrator can be supplied as a single unit or as a set of separate hoppers. Typical equipment configurations include 2 or 3 sieves for calibration with appropriately selected gaps.

Belt calibrator for vegetables, fruit and berries

The calibrator is designed for round fruits and vegetables as well as for frozen berries. The belt sorter is a frame structure with vibrating screens. The raspberries are moved and calibrated by vibrators mounted on the upper frame on both sides.

Moving along the belt, the products fall into the cells corresponding to their size. The cells on the line start from the smallest to the largest. Depending on the desired number of sizes for calibration, the belt line can have a different number of blocks with the appropriate belt size.

Optical sorter for frozen fruit and vegetables

Optical sorting machines can be supplied in different configurations and functionalities, which are determined by the type of product and your process.

The optical sorter inspects the product on the conveyor belt. The unit is designed to check agricultural food products, whole and cut fruits and vegetables.

The sorter can provide the following rejection functions, such as colour, rotten products, external objects even of the same colour as the good product. The product is then fed onto a belt for inspection. 

The system is equipped with an air rejection system with a large number of valves that remove rejected product. The system can also have two rejection systems that distinguish between unusable defects and defects that define products as second grade.

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

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REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR FORNETTI Refrigeration equipment for the Fornetti production  ✓ Installation of a shock freezing chamber ✓ Manufacturing and installation of a refrigeration station based on...

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