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The innovative gentle freezing technology AEF (Acoustic Extra Freezing) is a unique solution where the main role is played by sound (acoustic) waves that seem to break the formed ice crystals.

Due to acoustic resonance, the ice crystals are reduced to nanocrystals. They are so small that they do not damage the cell walls of the product.

As a result, the food looks the same after defrosting as before, and up to 97% of the nutrients are retained, food can be stored for longer and the taste does not change.

акустическая шоковая заморозка

Acoustic shock freezing technology

Acoustic shock freezing technology is used for shock freezing chambers, tunnel chambers, spiral conveyors and for shock plate freezes.

We offer all types of shock freezing equipment with the environmentally friendly refrigerant CO₂. These systems deliver significant energy savings, in some cases achieving a 25-40% reduction in energy consumption.

≫ CO₂ refrigeration systems

Advantages of acoustic shock freezing

Frozen products can be stored for up to 15 months, while traditional shock freezing starts to break down in the first or second month of freezing. After acoustic freezing, the original volume, texture and flavour are preserved to the maximum extent possible.

How acoustic freezing works

The principle of acoustic technology is similar to that of classical shock freezing, but offers certain advantages. The uniform impact of sound waves during the cooling phase breaks up ice crystals, the formation of which is typical for this method of freezing when moisture transitions from liquid to solid.
Due to the acoustic effect, the tissues that make up the product are not damaged, thus preserving the structure and taste properties.

Differences between shock freezing and acoustic freezing

Compared to acoustic freezing, in the shock freezing method, ice crystals damage the tissues of the product due to fluctuations in the size of the ice crystal during freezing. This destroys the cellular structure, which leads to weight loss, and in some cases, after defrosting, the product loses up to 20% of its weight.

Under the influence of acoustic waves, ice crystals are much smaller and there is no fluctuation in crystal size, so the product tissue will be intact after defrosting. Compared to the standard shock freezing method, acoustic freezing has minimal losses of up to 1%.

What products can be frozen using this method

This type of shock freezing can be used to preserve a wide range of food products and raw materials. This method of blast freezing is suitable for mushrooms, berries, vegetables and fruits, meat and meat products, fish and seafood, as well as for ready-to-eat meals or semi-finished products.

For restaurants and catering establishments, it is possible to use acoustic technology to shock freeze ready-to-eat meals. You can prepare foods in advance that will only require light defrosting after the shock treatment. Guests of your establishment will not feel any fundamental difference in the products subjected to acoustic freezing, nor will they notice any characteristic visual changes due to the preservation of colour and texture.

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Acoustic shock freezing aef

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