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Fish processing lines

Our company offers solutions in the fish processing sector ranging from individual equipment to complete fish processing lines.

Линии переработки рыбы

Fish washing machines

Two types of equipment are commonly used – a drum washer and an elevator washer. Drum washing machine – The technological unit of the machine is a perforated drum and a spiral, as well as a water supply system. The fish is loaded into the rotating drum, where it is irrigated with water and moves along the spiral to the discharge window.

Elevator washer – The washing machine can be used independently for washing and lifting the product to the required height for further processing, as well as integrated into processing lines for fish, meat, vegetables, etc. The type of washing machine is selected according to the type of fish and your technological process.

Fish sorting machines

Fish sorting machines typically use the slot sorting principle, which is based on the proportional relationship between fish thickness and length. The required size range can be obtained by adjusting the gap between the shafts.

When the fish is fed, it is positioned along the axis of the sorting rollers. Small fish, depending on the selected gap, will fall through the gaps and fall on one of the outgoing conveyors, while larger fish move to the outlet and fall on another conveyor. Separation can be performed into several fractions. It depends on the selected gaps and the number of trays or conveyors to divert the fish to other processing or packaging machines.

Fish cleaning / Fish processing

Fish processing lines are selected in accordance with the technological process and can be made in both semi-automatic and automatic versions. The line can consist of different machines for primary processing of fish and a conveyor system that ensures continuous feeding and discharge of processed fish as well as waste removal, which allows for maximum productivity.

≫ Fish scaling machines
≫ Fish skinning machines
≫ Headers and crushers
≫ Filleting machines
≫ Deboning and gutting machines
≫ Bone removal machines

Fish fillet washing machine

The rinsing system effectively washes away mucus, blood and bacteria from salmon and trout before processing. Thanks to the high water pressure, the fillets are thoroughly washed from both sides and inside. In order to achieve the highest level of hygiene, the machine should be integrated into the production line after the head cleaning, not before.

The machine can be supplied as a separate unit or as an integrated part of a specific production line. Fillet washing equipment can reduce bacteria by up to 98%, thus improving production hygiene. The slime should be removed at the beginning of the process to ensure low bacterial counts in subsequent production.

Equipment for elimination of defects and quality control

After the fish is processed, quality checking steps are applied and, if necessary, an inspection conveyor and a reject line are added. For quality control, the most effective machine is a quality control scanner that checks the quality and suitability of the product.

If necessary, such machines can provide additional functions and scan the color of the fillet, any melanin and blood spots, as well as trimming defects such as abdominal membrane, belly bone or back defects. Inspection and de-bleeding lines deliver fillets to workstations where operators manually remove natural and fillet defects before the fillets are weighed and returned to the process.

Fish cutting machines

The machines are designed to cut fish into slices or steaks of uniform thickness. The machine is selected according to your process and type of fish.

Fish cutting machines can be operated automatically in a processing line or separately.

≫ Diagonal slicer
≫ Band saw
≫ Portion slicer

Fish processing

Our company supplies modern solutions for industrial fish processing. Depending on your technological processes, we will select the necessary processing equipment, install and configure the equipment, and provide service and warranty support.

≫ Fish injectors (brine injection)
≫ Fish drying chambers
≫ Fish smoking chambers
≫ Fish mince production machines
≫ Glazing

Defrosting lines and chambers

In the fish defrosting chambers, the defrosting process is carried out by blowing the product with an air stream, and the intelligent process control system allows the operation to be performed as quickly as possible.

Defrosting units can be equipped with the option of switching to a predetermined cold storage mode after defrosting, in which the defrosted products will remain cooled. The equipment configuration is individually selected to meet the needs of your process.

Plitochnyy skoromorozil'nyy apparat

Cooling and freezing lines

Our company offers a full range of solutions for cooling and freezing raw fish and fish products. To select the type of equipment, we will take into account all your wishes and technological processes and offer the most optimal solution.

≫ Shock freezing
≫ The fluidized tunnel freezer / fluidized freezer
≫ Spiral freezers
≫ Cold plate freezer
≫ Shock freezing chambers
≫ Acoustic shock freezing
≫ Intensive cooling chambers


Fish storage chambers

Our company specializes in providing efficient and innovative solutions for industrial refrigeration. Thanks to our own production and design department, we offer complete solutions for food storage and processing, tailored to the unique requirements of each enterprise.

≫ Refrigeration and freezing equipment

Тунельна камера шокової заморозки
Линия упаковки мяса и рыбы

Fish packaging lines

We supply a full range of solutions for weighing, packing, packaging, labeling and foreign object inspection of the product until the product is packed and shipped.

≫ Thermoforming machine
≫ Traysillers
≫ Boxing
≫ Weighing and labeling machine
≫ Metal detector

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

Domino’s Pizza

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REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR FORNETTI Refrigeration equipment for the Fornetti production  ✓ Installation of a shock freezing chamber ✓ Manufacturing and installation of a refrigeration station based on...

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