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Berry processing lines

BMSERVICE is your reliable partner in the field of full-cycle berry processing. We supply highly efficient and reliable equipment for the full cycle of berry processing, freezing and storage.

Berry processing lines are complex equipment and technologies designed to process and manufacture a variety of berry products. These lines can include various stages of production, from cleaning and washing berries to freezing, canning or making juices, purees and other products.

Комплексная линия и оборудование для переработки ягоды

Equipment for a berry processing line:


Equipment for cooling berries

Berry cooling equipment includes a variety of technical solutions that provide optimal conditions for storing and transporting berries while maintaining their freshness and quality.

Among the solutions for berry cooling, the most commonly used are: Hydro cooling; Air cooling; Vacuum cooling.

Feeding equipment and conveyors

When processing and processing berries, it is important to have reliable systems for feeding and transporting them. Such equipment helps to optimize production processes, increases efficiency and ensures a high standard of quality.

We offer a variety of berry feeding equipment and conveyor systems, such as belt, roller, chain, etc.

Оборудование для подачи, элеваторы и конвейеры
Моечные машины для ягоды

Washing and cleaning of berries

The process of washing, cleaning and air separation of berries is an important step in the processing of raw materials. Efficient technologies and equipment play a key role in ensuring product quality and safety.

≫ Bubble washing machine
≫ Vibrating conveyor washers
≫ Drum type washers
≫ Flotation washing machine
≫ Belt washer
≫ Air separation

Equipment for drying

After washing the berries, it is important to dry them to remove excess moisture so that the product remains fresh and of high quality. A variety of equipment can be used for this purpose.

≫ Vibrating sieves
≫ Centrifuges for drying
≫ Air separators
≫ Air drying lines
≫ Drum drying machines

Оборудование для подсушки ягоды после мойки
Калибровка и сортировка ягоды

Graders (Calibration and sorting of berries)

Graders are designed for calibration and sorting of berries – this is an important stage in production to achieve high quality and ensure uniformity. Specialized equipment is used for this process.

≫ Comb sorting lines
≫ Optical sorting machines
≫ Vibratory sorting machines
≫ Pneumatic sorting systems
≫ Belt calibrators

Stem and seed removal

Removing stems and seeds from berries is an important step in processing raw materials to produce a finished product that is ready for use or for the manufacture of other products. Specialized machines are used for this purpose.

≫ Stem removal machines
≫ Pitting machines
≫ Pneumatic pressure chambers

Оборудование для удаление плодоножек и косточки ягоды - Обладнання для видалення плодоніжок та кісточок
Шоковая заморозка ягоды - Промышленное и коммерческое оборудование

Shock freezing of berries

Shock freezing is a method of rapid freezing of berries, which allows to preserve their natural freshness and taste, avoid the formation of large ice crystals and ensure high-quality freezing in a short time.

We offer all types of equipment for berry blast freezing, including fluidization blast freezing, spiral conveyor, blast freezing chamber, tunnel type chamber and acoustic blast freezing.

≫ Shock freezing of berries

Blanchers (heat treatment of berries)

Equipment for these processes can be adapted to different needs and production volumes. It is important to observe the correct heat treatment parameters and modes to ensure optimal product quality and safety.

≫ Blanching equipment
≫ Heat treatment equipment
≫ Cookers

Бланшировщики (Термообработка ягоды)
Оборудование для сушки ягоды

Equipment for drying berries

Industrial drying of berries allows for the efficient preservation of their nutritional and health properties, making them available for use in various food and retail industries.

≫ Air dryers
≫ Vacuum dryers
≫ Microwave dryers
≫ Infrared dryers

Equipment for smoking berries

Industrial smoking of berries adds a unique flavor and aroma that makes them popular in various food products.

Smoked berries can be used as an ingredient for the production of various food products, such as muesli, confectionery, cakes, muffins, and energy bars.

Smoked berries can also be used to make syrups and purees, which are used to flavor drinks, desserts or sauces.

≫ Smoking equipment

Оборудование для копчения ягоды
Оборудование для фасовки и упаковки ягоды

Equipment for dosing and packaging

Specialized equipment lines are used for dosing and packaging berries and finished berry products. The packaging line is usually combined of various machines, such as a dosing system, a metal detector, a weighing system, a bagging machine and various types of packaging machines, as well as equipment for palletizing the packaged products.

≫ Equipment for the packaging line

Storage chambers for berry products

Storage chambers for berries and berry products play an important role in preserving the quality and shelf life of berries and finished, processed berry products. Such chambers have special conditions to maintain optimal temperature, humidity and other factors.

≫ Refrigeration and freezing equipment
≫ Storage facilities for storing berries

Камера хранения ягоды и ягодной продукции

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

Domino’s Pizza

REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR DOMINO'S PIZZA Refrigeration equipment for the Domino's Pizza production complex ✓ Supply and installation of a Profroid refrigeration station (France) ✓ Installation of chambers:...


REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR FORNETTI Refrigeration equipment for the Fornetti production  ✓ Installation of a shock freezing chamber ✓ Manufacturing and installation of a refrigeration station based on...

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