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Commercial and industrial heat pumps

An industrial heat pump is the best choice for those who want to ensure a comfortable microclimate in industrial and commercial premises. It can be used to regulate the temperature efficiently and economically by pumping thermal energy between different environments. Our company manufactures and supplies heat pumps with a capacity of 50 to 250 kW

How industrial and commercial heat pumps work

A heat pump operates on the principle of cyclical changes in pressure and temperature of the refrigerant, which changes from a liquid to a gaseous state and back. In the evaporator, freon is heated from a low-temperature source (e.g., water or refrigeration freon) and becomes a gas, while the compressor increases the pressure and temperature.

In a condenser, the gaseous refrigerant gives off heat to a high-temperature consumer (e.g., a heating system) and becomes liquid again. In the thermostatic expansion valve, the liquid refrigerant lowers its pressure and temperature and flows into the evaporator, completing the cycle.

Advantages of BMSERVICE heat pumps

  • The ratio between produced and consumed energy (COP) 6.0 – 7.5
  • Outlet water temperature 60 – 75 °C
  • Payback period up to 3 years
  • European components
  • Production of non-standard models
  • Remote access to control
  • Own installation and service department

Components included in the recovery system

  • Specialized hermetic scroll compressors operating at high discharge temperatures
  • Heat exchanger plate heat exchanger “freon-freon” on the suction circuit and “freon-water” on the discharge circuit
  • Recovery tank and circulation pump
  • Automation, heat pipes and streamlined coils

Price from the manufacturer

Good prices for good quality

12 months warranty

Service in Ukraine


Implementation of turnkey projects

Own production

Fulfillment of non-standard orders

Our projects

BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

Domino’s Pizza

REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR DOMINO'S PIZZA Refrigeration equipment for the Domino's Pizza production complex ✓ Supply and installation of a Profroid refrigeration station (France) ✓ Installation of chambers:...


REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR FORNETTI Refrigeration equipment for the Fornetti production  ✓ Installation of a shock freezing chamber ✓ Manufacturing and installation of a refrigeration station based on...

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