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Steam smoke generator

The smoke generators are high-performance industrial steam smoke generators for dry beech chips of grain size 3-5 mm. They are characterised by a pleasantly aromatic smoke flavour and a strong smoke development, also for very large industrial systems. Because of the particular process technology, steam smoke generators have some technical and technological advantages over other smoke generator systems.

The principle of operation of the Steam smoke generator

A steam smoke generator generates smoke by passing superheated steam at approx. 380 – 420°C through wood chips. The chips are carbonised and the aromas and preserving components are released. The heating is achieved through low-pressure steam at 0.3-0.5 bar (requirement, approx. 20 kg/h) and the additional electric heating for increasing the temperature (superheating) of the steam.

The steam-bonded smoke is quickly absorbed by the gut or heated surface of the meat product, i.e. it condenses on the cooler smoking products. The result is a pleasantly aromatic smoke flavour and a consistent smoked colour in the shortest treatment times and with smallest weight losses.

Difference between smoke generators and smouldering smoke generators

Because of the low smoke generators temperatures, there are fewer toxins in the smoke compared to usual smoulder smoker procedures (e.g. benzopyrene).

The advantage of using superheated steam is that there are no open flames in the smoke generator. If used according to instructions, the steam smoke generators is therefore not an explosion risk. All REICH smoke generators are fitted with a preventative safety system. This means that the controls permanently monitor all safety-relevant parameters and triggers corresponding measures to restore a safe operating condition before critical values are reached. The controls permanently inform the user about the operating condition.

Depending on the size of the unit, various models are available.

Advantages of smoke generators:

  • Highest smoke densities for short smoker processes gentle on the product
  • Pleasantly aromatic smoke flavour
  • Very good colouring properties and stable smoker colour, even after rinsingVery tender casing in natural casing products
  • Lowest weight losses
  • Suitable for industrial systems up to 14 trolleys
  • Low toxin content due to the low smoke generation temperature
  • Preventative safety system. No risk of explosion when used according to instructions
  • Variable controllable smoke intensity
  • Partly open, exhaust air-reduced system
  • Cheap smoke destruction possible through washer system
  • Simple and maintenance-friendly use

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