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Meat cooling and freezing

Our company specializes in providing efficient and innovative solutions for various sectors of the food industry.

We offer a full range of solutions for intensive cooling and blast freezing of meat:

≫ Shock freezing
≫ The fluidized tunnel freezer / fluidized freezer
≫ Spiral freezers
≫ Cold plate freezer
≫ Shock freezing chambers
≫ Acoustic shock freezing
≫ Intensive cooling chambers

Plitochnyy skoromorozil'nyy apparat

The fundamental difference between shock freezing of meat and classical freezing is the size of the ice crystals formed in the product, which destroy the fibers inside the meat and lead to weight loss after defrosting. Shock freezing technology involves achieving microcrystallization of liquid molecules, which preserves the fiber structure of meat and does not destroy it.

Shock freezing of meat and semi-finished products

Shock freezing of chicken, cattle meat or semi-finished products involves a sharp drop in temperature down to -40°C, the inside of the product freezes to a temperature of about -18°C, which slows down fermentation processes, and microbiological processes stop altogether.

The quality of meat after shock freezing depends on both the temperature and the speed of freezing. Rapid freezing helps to preserve flavor, nutrients and juices, as well as reduce weight loss.

Equipment for shock freezing of meat

We offer all types of blast freezing equipment using environmentally friendly CO₂ refrigerant. These systems provide significant energy savings, in some cases achieving a 25-40% reduction in energy consumption.

Intensive cooling chambers

It is used to quickly reduce the high temperature after heat treatment of meat or for semi-finished meat products, after which the product is sent to the next processing stages or shock freezing.

Shock freezing chambers

The chambers are designed for shock freezing of the product on racks or trolleys that are delivered to the chamber. The freezing process is carried out at a low temperature for a very short time from 15 to 90 minutes. The freezing time depends on the temperature in the chamber, the type of product and its volume.

Tunnel type shock freezers

At its core, this is the same blast freezer, but it provides a separate entrance and exit for loading and unloading the product, this option is often chosen by medium and large production facilities to optimize production processes in meat processing.

Spiral freezers

This type of quick freezers is suitable for freezing both meat and semi-finished meat products. The spiral shock conveyor is ideal for meat processing enterprises, as this device is a continuous spiral freezing conveyor. Its main advantage is compactness, unlike conventional blast freezing lines. The spiral quick freeze conveyor can be installed at any stage of your processing line.

Tile freezer

This device allows you to freeze meat or semi-finished meat products in large volumes and in a very short time. Such devices are often used in livestock and poultry slaughterhouses, as well as in meat processing plants. These devices are divided into 2 types – horizontal and vertical tile shock freezers, the horizontal tile freezer is less compact than the vertical one, but allows automating the processes of loading and unloading the product, while the vertical one is more compact but requires manual loading and unloading of meat and meat products.

AEF acoustic freezing

This is an innovative technology for gentle freezing. Acoustic freezing is a unique combination of solutions where the main role is played by sound (acoustic) waves, which seem to break ice crystals formed in the product. The freezing principle is based on a combination of air shock freezing and sound waves that do not allow the ice crystal to expand during the freezing process, which preserves the product fibers without damaging them.


We offer a wide range of services and solutions for meat processing enterprises, by contacting BMSERVICE, our specialists will help you choose the equipment for your enterprise in accordance with all the technological requirements of your production.

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

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