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An automatic monorail with a weighing system is a transportation system consisting of metal rails located along the ceiling of the room and weighing systems.

The monorails are equipped with hooks for hanging carcasses and half-carcasses and a special system that moves them along the monorail.

Монорельсы и монорельсовые весы - подвесные пути для транспортировки туш

Automatic monorails

This system allows for the automatic movement of carcasses and half-carcasses through the various stages of the meat processing line. In addition to automated lines, there are also conventional suspended monorails on which personnel move carcasses; such systems are often used in refrigerators and freezers intended for temporary or long-term storage of products.

Advantages of implementing an automatic monorail at a meat processing plant:

  • Increased productivity: An automatic monorail allows you to efficiently move products along production lines, reducing the time required to transport goods.
  • Space saving: The use of a monorail system allows you to optimize the use of space in the room, as it is located along the ceiling.
  • Reducing the risk of injury: An automatic monorail system reduces the need for manual handling, which reduces the risk of injury and traumatic damage.
  • Improved product safety: An automatic monorail system allows you to control the movement of products and avoid damage during transportation, which contributes to improved product quality.

The introduction of an automatic monorail at a meat processing plant can greatly facilitate and optimize production processes. This solution will help to increase productivity, efficiency and safety.

Monorail scales

Monorail scales are highly efficient equipment used to accurately measure the weight of large loads in manufacturing plants and warehouses. These scales consist of a monorail system, which is located along the ceiling of the room, and a special lining or hook that is attached to the carcass for weighing them.

The main advantages of monorail scales include:

  • Efficient use of space: The carriages or hooks move along the monorail, which saves space on the floor and increases the available volume for storing goods.
  • Ease of use: Monorail scales can be easily integrated with other automation and production control systems.
  • Increased safety: The weights or hooks are securely attached to the monorail, which ensures safe and stable weighing.
  • Wide range of applications: Monorail scales are used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, and other areas of industry.

In general, monorail scales are a reliable and efficient solution for measuring the weight of heavy loads in manufacturing plants and warehouses, ensuring accuracy, efficiency and safety in the process.

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