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Equipment and chambers for heat treatment of meat

Equipment for heat treatment of meat: hot and cold smoking, curing, cooking.

Smoking chambers are designed for hot smoking and cooking of all types of products, such as meat, poultry, fish and seafood, cheese, sausages, sausages. The thermal chambers include both single-chamber chambers for small-scale production and multi-chamber chambers for industrial use.

термическая обработка мяса

Types of equipment for heat treatment

Thermal chambers are divided into cooking, roasting, smoking, climatic, cooling and universal. Several processes can be combined in one chamber, for example, cooking and smoking, drying and climatization, cold smoking and maturation.

Universal chambers allow for most thermal processes. In such chambers, within a temperature range of up to 100 °C, you can choose from roasting, drying, smoking, steaming, steaming and cooking with hot air, as well as baking products at a temperature of 150 °C during one process cycle.

The following basic principles are used to design the ovens: economical energy consumption, increased throughput due to denser product placement, maximum accuracy of air flow direction, precise temperature and humidity control, absolute reliability and convenience, and gaseous waste emissions that do not exceed the level allowed by the regulations.

The thermal chambers are made of carbon and stainless steel. The walls, roof, floor, and doors have good thermal insulation, and the floor is sloped to allow water to drain.

All chambers are equipped with a supply and exhaust ventilation system capable of recirculating the entire volume of air in the thermal chamber ten times within 1 minute. The chambers are equipped with microprocessor-based automatic control and regulation units. The universal chambers are equipped with smoke generators that produce smoke from sawdust or small wood chips as a result of their decay. Smoke generators can be built-in, mounted inside or to the side of the door, inside the chamber, or freestanding, mounted on the side of the chamber.

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

Domino’s Pizza

REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR DOMINO'S PIZZA Refrigeration equipment for the Domino's Pizza production complex ✓ Supply and installation of a Profroid refrigeration station (France) ✓ Installation of chambers:...


REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR FORNETTI Refrigeration equipment for the Fornetti production  ✓ Installation of a shock freezing chamber ✓ Manufacturing and installation of a refrigeration station based on...

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