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Our company offers a full range of special equipment for meat processing production, whether it is primary processing and subsequent packaging for sale, or a full-fledged line for processing meat into a finished product or semi-finished product.

By contacting our company, you will receive comprehensive advice from our specialists and get the most optimal offer for your production, taking into account all technological processes and your wishes.

убой и первичная обработка туш свиней-min

Machines for primary processing of livestock carcasses

The main purpose of the line is the pre-slaughter holding of livestock and poultry, stunning, scalding, slaughtering and transportation system. These procedures are carried out using various machines and equipment.

Pre-slaughter housing of livestock

During transportation to the slaughterhouse, animals are under severe stress. To relieve the animals’ nervous tension, we use pre-slaughter holding boxes, which provide them with everything they need – water, feed, etc. The holding area is divided into corridors with gates that have an electric or pneumatic opening device. The width of the corridors can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Equipment for stunning pigs with CO2 gas

From the pre-slaughter holding boxes, the animals are taken to a special box, which is lowered to a depth of several meters, where the stunning process takes place. Once in the environment with CO2, the animal falls asleep for several minutes, during which time the animals are further transported to the next stages of exsanguination and slaughter. This type of slaughter is the most humane and productive of all currently available.

Stunning box for cattle

The animal is stunned in a stationary box using a special gun. After stunning, the side wall is raised, and the animal falls onto the receiving table located behind the box.

Equipment for slaughtering livestock and poultry

For slaughtering livestock such as cattle or pigs, special machines are used in which the livestock is moved along small corridors. The equipment can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated. For poultry slaughter, we offer automated or semi-automated conveyors. A slaughtering conveyor usually involves 4 stages of processing at once – stunning, slaughtering, exsanguination and feather removal. At first, the bird is hung by the fasteners to the conveyor along which it moves to the stunning chamber, the next step is to move the bird to the slaughter chamber and then to the exsanguination stage, after which the bird enters the scalding chamber where water is pressurized and knocks off the feathers from the bird.

Combined scalding vat

There are two types of scalding: horizontal and vertical. In horizontal scalding, animals are scalded in a scalding vat at a temperature of 65-66°C. As a rule, the capacity of horizontal scalding is up to 100 heads per hour. A significant disadvantage of this type of scalding is the flooding of the liver and lungs. In addition, if one of the animals is infected, the infection can be transmitted. The advantages of this system include high productivity, low cost, and significant energy and water savings in production. Speaking of vertical scalding, the advantages include high productivity, high hygiene and no liver pouring. The disadvantages are the higher cost compared to the horizontal scalding system, the increased floor space occupied by the machine, and the relatively high energy and steam consumption.

Transportation system

We offer you a solution for the transportation of cattle products, which increases productivity and significantly reduces the need for manual labor, thereby minimizing production costs at the enterprise. The high-tech system, called Typhoon, is capable of delivering slaughter products to any point of the enterprise, up to the truck.

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

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