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Reliable supplier of solutions for commercial and industrial refrigeration

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We offer a full range of solutions and services in the field of industrial refrigeration and heat recovery systems, as well as equipment and complete lines for processing vegetables, fruits, berries, meat and fish.

Our company has its own engineering and design departments, service department, and experienced and qualified specialists. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge to guarantee professional and high-quality work.

Промышленное холодоснабжение
Шоковая заморозка

Refrigeration systems and food processing lines

Thanks to our own production and design department, we offer complete solutions for food storage and processing, adapted to the unique requirements of each company.

≫ Industrial refrigeration systems
≫ Refrigeration and heating equipment
≫ Drying equipment
≫ Equipment for industrial smoking
≫ Fruit and vegetable processing lines
≫ Fish processing lines
≫ Meat processing lines
≫ Solutions for bakeries

Services from BMSERVICE

Our company provides a wide range of services for both commercial and industrial food processing enterprises, as well as for shops, supermarkets, data centres and other enterprises using refrigeration, recovery and air conditioning systems.

≫ Design of refrigeration systems
≫ Energy audit of refrigeration systems
≫ Installation of refrigeration equipment
≫ Heat recovery and utilisation systems
≫ Remote monitoring of refrigeration equipment
≫ Service and maintenance
≫ Maintenance of precision air conditioning systems
≫ Modernisation and automation of refrigeration systems

Услуги для промышленного холодоснабжения, энергоаудит, проэктирование и монтаж-min

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12 months warranty

Service in Ukraine


Implementation of turnkey projects

Own production

Fulfillment of non-standard orders

Our projects

BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

Domino’s Pizza

REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR DOMINO'S PIZZA Refrigeration equipment for the Domino's Pizza production complex ✓ Supply and installation of a Profroid refrigeration station (France) ✓ Installation of chambers:...


REFRIGERATION PROJECT FOR FORNETTI Refrigeration equipment for the Fornetti production  ✓ Installation of a shock freezing chamber ✓ Manufacturing and installation of a refrigeration station based on...

Cooperating with us, you can take advantage of professionally prepared projects that provide a number of benefits:

≫ qualified selection of the optimal technological solution;
≫ increasing food security;
≫ reduction of costs and losses of goods during storage;
≫ increasing the competitiveness of products;
≫ increase in profits;
≫ reduction of energy costs for storage and processing;
≫ reliability and durability of refrigeration equipment.

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    BMSERVICE is a reliable and experienced supplier of industrial refrigeration and product processing lines. Professional planners and engineers successfully create process solutions for your business. We ensure a high level of food safety, economical energy consumption, minimized maintenance costs and optimized storage and processing with the least amount of waste and scrap.

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    Food processing solutions from BMSERVICE

    BMSERVICE offers industrial cold rooms and warehouses, as well as all types of blast chilling equipment for berries, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, we offer modern and innovative storage technology. We design our poultry, meat, fish and seafood processing lines to provide automated cutting, skinning or plucking, gutting, washing and slicing. High-quality refrigeration equipment allows you to minimize losses during storage of raw materials, and processing lines – to build at your production facility the whole complex of preparation up to packaging and labeling for subsequent delivery to retail chains or catering companies.

    Thanks to innovative drying technologies, our fruit and vegetable processing lines allow:

    • reduce storage space by evaporation or infrared removal of excess water;
    • preserve the health benefits of the product;
    • ensure long term storage.

    Our lines are designed to improve the quality and competitiveness of your product. Exotic fruits, small berries, perishable seasonal vegetables we will help you to process, cool, freeze and pack safely so that the end customer receives the highest quality products with a long shelf life and useful microelements and vitamins.

    BMSERVICE offers steam smoking equipment, wood smoking chambers, liquid smoke and wood chip smokehouses. Depending on the volume of production, we will select gas, electric or steam chambers. We have small smokehouses and through-house smokehouses with hooks for hanging large carcasses and automated loading/unloading.

    Services for your production

    BMSERVICE realizes turnkey projects, from calculations and design to installation and after-sales service. We also provide energy audits and remote monitoring of refrigeration and recovery systems.

    Artificial refrigeration and refrigeration units can consume a significant portion of a facility’s total electricity usage. Our experts can help:

    • Evaluate the performance of refrigeration systems;
    • diagnose performance indicators;
    • perform thermographic analysis;
    • find leaks or faults causing energy overruns.

    We offer an innovative system for utilizing and recovering heat from compressors and refrigerant condensate. Carbon dioxide recovery provides additional heat energy to supply heating and hot water to production and office premises.

    BMSERVICE offers maintenance services for precision climate systems, which include high-tech ventilation systems for laboratories, data centers, production halls and shopping malls.

    Equipment from BMSERVICE

    In our company you can buy not only complex automated solutions for large businesses, but also individual units for small enterprises, farms, vegetable and fruit warehouses.

    We offer vacuum and infrared dryers for processing vegetables and fruits with preservation of their useful properties and saving on storage and transportation. You can order drying chambers, lyophilization units for freeze drying, belt lines for processing vegetables and fruits of any type and variety. In BMSERVICE you can order equipment for cleaning, sorting, cutting, including ultrasonic, and crushing of fruits and vegetables. Our specialists will help you to choose the optimal equipment for your production volume and complement your conveyor lines with packing and thermoforming machines.

    Industrial refrigeration from BMSERVICE is:

    • blast chambers and tunnels;
    • hydrocoolers for fruits and vegetables;
    • refrigeration chambers for meat processing plants and dairies;
    • defrosting lines;
    • spiral convectors for storage, freezing and heating of products for bakeries, coffee shops, pastry shops and supermarkets.

    Why contact BMSERVICE

    Our specialists provide a wide range of services in the field of refrigeration plants and food processing lines:

    • design and development to meet your needs and product type;
    • energy audit and control of refrigeration equipment;
    • installation and service;
    • modernization and reconfiguration when changing production processes.

    Thanks to the preliminary calculation of capacity, processing volumes and selection of components from the best European and American manufacturers, we can provide you with high quality durable equipment at affordable prices.

    Turning to us, you will receive high-quality complexes of production automation, durable wear-resistant cold rooms and equipment, qualified selection of lines, solutions, installations and guaranteed high-level service with on-site visits of specialists and remote monitoring of refrigeration, recovery and processing systems.