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Packaging lines for the food industry

Our company supplies and services a variety of equipment for packaging, weighing and labeling food products, as well as systems for detecting foreign objects in the product.

≫ Vacuum packers
≫ Shrink wrapping equipment
≫ Tray sealers
≫ Thermoforming equipment
≫ Vertical packaging equipment
≫ Horizontal packaging equipment
≫ Stretch wrapping machine
≫ Inspection and rejection
≫ Weighing and labeling

Линия упаковки мяса и рыбы
Вакуумная упаковочная машина - машина конвейерного типа

Vacuum packers

Vacuum machines are available in two chamber, single chamber, and conveyor types. The vacuum packaging process consists of two stages: first, the machine evacuates the air from the bag, then seals it. If necessary, the device fills the bag with a special gas mixture before ignition.

Vacuum packaging technology is especially popular for meat, fish, cheese and other products that require a long shelf life without loss of quality.

Heat shrink equipment

The principle of operation of heat shrinking equipment is to use the properties of a special heat shrinkable film. Under the influence of high temperature, usually in the range of 130 to 160 degrees, this film begins to shrink, thus providing a degree of shrinkage that can exceed even 50%. This process ensures a reliable and efficient seal of the package, while maintaining the perfect appearance and protection of the product.

Shrink wrapping machines are used in the food industry for packaging vegetables, fruits, bakery and confectionery products, meat products, semi-finished products, etc. They are also very often used in various non-food industries, for example, for packaging cosmetics, books, souvenirs, electrical products, and more.

Термоусадочный аппарат
Трейсилер - Запайщик лотков автоматический

Tray sealers (Tray sealers)

Tray sealers are designed for packaging food products in pre-made polymer trays. Our company offers automatic and semi-automatic tray sealers. Semi-automatic tray sealers are usually used in catering establishments, small food production facilities, and shops, while automatic tray sealers are usually used in medium and large food processing enterprises.

Tray sealers are used for packaging fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, as well as for packaging ready-to-eat meals.

Thermoforming equipment

Thermoforming technology allows you to create packaging from thermoplastic materials of different rigidity, which can be precisely adapted to a given shape or product shape.

Thermoformers provide a wide range of hard and soft plastic products, including glasses of various volumes, cake dishes, salad bowls, plates, bowls, containers, egg trays, trays for placing confectionery and biscuit products, and blister packs that provide perfect protection and presentation of the product. Thermoforming lines are widely used for packaging sausages and various meat products, cheese, fish, and other products.

Термоформовочная линия
Вертикальная упаковочная машина ПИТПАК

Vertical packaging equipment

The vertical packaging machine is designed for packing a wide range of dusty, loose, granular, small-piece products (including frozen products) into three-seam bags formed from roll heat-sealable material.

Vertical filling and packaging machines are designed for automated packing and packaging of homogeneous, easily flowable products such as sugar, seeds, cereals, nuts, etc. These machines are widely used in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other industries.

Horizontal packaging equipment

An automatic horizontal packaging machine is a high-tech equipment designed for automated and efficient packaging of products in flow-pack bags. Horizontal packaging machines (flow-pack) are widely used in food processing enterprises. Bread and bakery products, candy, ice cream, pastries, confectionery, bars, waffles, and cookies are usually packaged in Flow-pack bags.

This type of equipment and packaging is also ideal for industrial products, including electrical goods, household goods, souvenirs, toys and toy sets, industrial parts and electronic components, disposable tableware, napkins, and more.

Горизонтальная упаковочная машина
Упаковщики в стрейч-плёнку автоматические и полуавтоматические

Equipment for stretch film packaging

For packaging products in boxes, trays, or directly in stretch film, with subsequent welding. Stretch film packaging equipment can provide various functionalities, such as an integrated system for automatically sizing trays, a system for notifying when the film is finished, automatic conveyors for feeding, and much more.

Machines and lines for stretch film packaging are widely used in stores for packaging fresh meat, meat and sausage cuts, vegetables and fruits, as well as cheeses, biscuits, and other products.

Inspection and rejection equipment

This equipment is designed to detect metals and/or other foreign objects in products. Inspection and rejection equipment has different functionalities and technical parameters, so you can choose the right one depending on your needs. Systems for detecting foreign inclusions in the product can provide extensive functionality, such as detecting any foreign objects, such as metal, glass, ceramics, stone.

The equipment is also capable of detecting some types of plastic (PVC, rubber), as well as defects in the product, such as cracks, air bubbles, etc. It is possible to configure the machine in such a way that it does not signal the detection of such necessary elements as aluminum clips.

Equipment for weighing and labeling

Our company supplies industrial and commercial scales and labelers, this equipment is designed for weighing and applying labels in manual or automatic modes.

We offer a wide range of weighing and labeling equipment for both shops and catering establishments, as well as for food processing companies.

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BMSERVICE company has been designing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment in Ukraine since 2009.

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